Monday, December 31, 2007

Ending 2007 with a Few New Records

The seven inches of additional snowfall we received overnight has given December 2007 the distinction of being the snowiest December on record.  We got somewhere around 44 inches of snow this month - yes, that is 44 inches of snow in 31 days.  

As someone who still considers herself a bit of a Southerner, this snowfall amount is amazing to me.  For those of you from the south who are wondering what we do with all of this snow -- we use something called a snowblower - a loud, gas powered machine that looks a bit like a roto-tiller - to pile the snow up next to our driveways and sidewalks.  In our household we determine how bad a winter it is by looking at our lamp post in the front lawn.  If we can still see most of the post, it's a pretty mild winter.  If the post is buried, I am counting the days until we escape to somewhere where the only 'white stuff' we have to walk through is sand.  Well, as of right now there isn't much of that post showing, and I'm counting the days (53) until we fly south for the winter (okay, for a week, but one can dream.)  Oh yeah, tomorrow's forecast?   Snow.  Followed by frigid temperatures for Friday.  I'm reminded of an old commercial -- "Calgon, take me away...."

Another record was set today at our household when I went to the mailbox.  There were six -- count them, six -- Presidential campaign ads reminding me to vote next Tuesday.  Barack Obama is offering me a ride to the polls.  Hillary wants me to know that she has the endorsement of 13 NH unions and three newspapers.  The Alliance for a New America (who are they anyway?) wants me to support John Edwards.  And three unions are sending me materials telling me how great Hillary is.  Apparently the Republicans have missed the fact that there is a registered independent in our household - or they don't care.  Aside from John McCain, they've ignored us.  In NH if you are registered as an independent (undeclared), you CAN vote in the primary, you just select which party you want to vote in at the polls.  

I'm still undecided.  All of the candidates are selling their ability to effect change, and heaven knows we really need some changes in this country - but I'm not convinced any of them can do that much.  

The most recent poll I answered asked "what are you most concerned with in this election?"  My answer "reducing the federal deficit."  There was silence at the other end of the line.  I don't think the script included this as an option - it appears from looking at the ads that I was supposed to say healthcare, or education, or energy independence, or the Iraq War.  Yes, I care about all of those, but if we don't get our spending under control how in the world will we address any of them?  When I want something I can't afford, I have to save up for it, or give up something else, or work harder to earn more money.  Why can't our elected leaders learn to do the same? 

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hulagirlatheart said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! No offense, but I'm so glad you have the snow and I don't. Really, I would be suicidal if I had your snow. Thanks for reading my blog.