Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Other Side of Me

Anyone with a 'tween girl in their life probably recognizes the title as a song by Disney Channel star Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.  I'm a huge Disney fan from my Mickey Mouse watch to my Peter Pan tape dispenser.  Recently, I was asked what Disney character I am most like.  After a bit of thought, I'd have to answer "Hannah Montana."  

Why?  Well I'm closer to another age beginning with fif than I am fifteen, so it's not an age thing.  I've lost my adorable southern accent after 22 years in NH.  My singing voice doesn't exactly inspire millions of fans to go crazy trying to get tickets to come see me.  I'm more LL Bean than Limited Too when it comes to fashion sense.  Nope, it's the portfolio career thing.  

If you have no contact with a 'tween and you don't follow entertainment news, you may not realize that Hannah Montana is a high school student by day, pop princess at night.  She's also the loving daughter of still cute Billy Ray Cyrus (don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart.)  In addition to his role as Dad, he plays her manager and songwriter.  Yep, that qualifies as a portfolio career.  

I start my portfolio with a few basic careers:  spouse, mother, family CFO, taxi driver, personal secretary, and queen of laundry to name a few.  I'm lucky that Kilowatt joins me here as spouse, father, taxi driver, chef, landscaper, mechanic, and general home repairman.   

The difference is that Hannah just has one more career.  Right now, I have three more.  I'm a part time (sometimes full time) travel consultant --- that's where Cruise Mom comes from.  I'm a part time college professor.  And I'm a part time student, finishing up a graduate certificate program in forensic accounting (think CSI with numbers.)  

Now is probably a good time to share with anyone who has fantasies of quitting their full time job -- I work more hours now than I ever did when I was a full-time employee.  I make less money now.  Some days I swear I'm going to polish up my resume and go back to work full time, usually after Diva is complaining that I spend no time with her, or a particularly difficult student or client has me pulling my hair out.  

But my reduced income is offset by spending less money on commuting expenses, eating out, clothing, and childcare.  Snow days really don't stress me out because I don't have to find childcare or drive in the snow (and that's a real good thing this year!)  For the most part, I arrange my own schedule to fit what I want to do.  So my resume remains a bit outdated for now.  

And my portfolio career makes me really cool like Hannah Montana (or maybe not, LOL!)  So, what Disney character are you most like, and why?

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hulagirlatheart said...

After much thought...I think Tinkerbell. Very busy, kind of nosey, mischevious (sp?, looking to have a good time. About the only thing I have in common with Snow White is dark hair. Cinderella? Nothing. Maybe Tigger. He's kind of a busy, happy go lucky guy.