Monday, October 27, 2008

Giant Pumpkins - Oh My!

Here's another reason I love NH, and my town in particular. Every year we have this great Giant Pumpkin Regatta.

First, we have a contest to see who can use a trebuchet to shoot small pumpkins thru small holes in a floating target. And yes, the target moves when the wind blows!

Next, we take some of the giant pumpkins that weren't quite big enough to be crowned #1, and make them into boats for our big regatta. Yep, we scoop out the pumpkin guts and there you have it - instant boat.

The racers spend the evening decorating their craft, and the next day we all gather at the river for the big race:
Since pumpkin boats don't travel very fast they also shoot at each other with super soakers to keep things interesting (and this is NH, so that water is cold in October!)
Don't worry, we have divers standing by for any boat that sinks!

Now we'll bring in the 'big guns...'

But still our brave Fire Chief fights on:


hulagirlatheart said...

That looks like incredible fun! I love how people create fun around whatever items they have to work with. Around here it's taters and bananas.

Reva said...

What fun. That would be a great way to spend a nice end of October. Hope you had a nice Halloween. I gave away alot of candy and popcorn balls and candy apples and I still have way too much left over.
Thanks for sharing