Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to tell it is spring in New Hampshire

  1. All but the last shaded pile of snow has melted.
  2. Dairy Queen has reopened.
  3. We drive with the sunroof open (and the heat on).
  4. The Coast Guard has to warn people that water temperatures are still dangerously cold.
  5. Skin (other than faces peaking out of a tiny hole) starts to appear.
  6. Flowers appear (my favorite!)
  7. Frost heaves disappear (and everyone gets their car realigned).
  8. April school vacation week (just when we stop having snow days)
  9. The NH state bird (the blackfly) stops by to annoy us all.  Males appear first, but only females bite.
  10. The sound of hammering, sawing, and occasional swearing as Kilowatt starts on this years outdoor projects....

1 comment:

dkuroiwa said...

Oh Man! Dairy Queen? Now I'm really homesick!! My kingdom for a Peanut Buster Parfait!! yum!!

Happy Spring!!