Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Circle of Life...

Here in our house of cats (almost said cathouse, then realized the connotation that goes with that, oops) things continue to be interesting.

Our senior citizen appears to be eating well and gaining weight now that she is on her twice daily medication. But the drugs (or something else) has changed her personality. Normally a cat who spends the day sitting on my lap while I work, and the night trying to get under the cover with me in bed, Katie has become a solitary feline who hangs out in the downstairs bathroom next to the shower, only coming out to beg for food. Then when food is produced, she eats two bites and heads back into the bathroom. Repeat this scenario 10-15 times a day.

Katie's behavior has led to a lot of guessing what is meant by a particular version of 'meow.' Oh, that one sounds like she is in pain. Now she's hungry. Now she's jealous of the other cats. Now she's just downright mad about something. Twice she's been acting miserable enough that I've been ready to call the vet for the 'final vet appointment' and she has miraculously bounced back before I made the call. At almost 17, she is old, but some cats live into their 20's so she's not ancient.

Meanwhile, in my upstairs bathroom is our foster care cat. The shelter calls her Zulu, Diva wants to name her Alexis, and I call her Jaws since she decided my hand looked like a tasty kitty treat last week. Yesterday, she presented us with five new arrivals:

You may now ooh and ahh over how stinking cute these kittens are.

Two of the kittens look just like Katie did when she was a foster kitten. Diva is begging to keep them all - that would be 8 cats total in the house - a few too many for this family. So in about 8 weeks at least some of these incredibly cute kitties will be at the Manchester Animal Shelter looking for a new home....

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