Thursday, July 9, 2009

Indoor Sunshine

We may not have been having much bright and sunny weather in NH this summer, but one look at these eyes and the inside of my house seems to be filled with sunshine:

My foster care kittens are now 3 weeks old, and eager to explore the world outside of the 'queening box' that has been their home so far. They are shuffling along, unsteady as a toddler learning to walk, but with the added challenge of four feet, and in two cases, extra toes:

I don't think these gals and guys will have a hard time finding a home. Just look at this face:

I'm a bit more worried about Mama Cat, who is little more than a kitten herself. She has all of the kitten behaviors that are so endearing in an eight week old kitten, annoying in a fully grown cat. We've about got her broken of her play-biting habit, and she has learned when she sees the water pistol that she needs to jump down off of whatever she is climbing on that she's not supposed to be on (like the kitchen cabinets.) But she has now grown comfortable enough in our home to attempt to sneak out of it (she really does remind me of a wild teenager, not that I was ever one myself.) And a closed door is just a challenge to her - she'll lie in wait patiently until it opens and slip herself through faster than the eye can see.

She is a good Mother:

And yep, that big bruiser there is almost as big as she is. He's going to be one big cat, and he's got the extra toe thing going on too.

I'll hate to give these guys back when it's time for them to be adopted out...

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hulagirlatheart said...

So cute! We've managed to adopt my sister in law's cat. I so didn't want another pet, but alas, we can't resist a cute face, especially when it's homeless.