Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Pause to Bring You This Commercial Message

This week I've enjoyed watching the posts over at that social networking site where all my friends who live a bit south of here are discussing the panic that has set in as they are preparing for 2-4 inches of snow in Southern IL, KY and TN. One friend is hoping to get enough snow to build a 1 inch snowman, another just wants enough to make snow angels. All have visited the grocery store to stock up on supplies. My dear friend Hula has described the scenario beautifully here.

Meanwhile, here in NH Kilowatt's cousin is just settling in to the NH way of life. She described her Christmas gifts, and most of them involved wool or other heavy materials.

In Northern IL, my brother is tiring of shoveling his driveway by hand as another 8 inches of snow is forecast.

All this leads me to present this commercial message designed to assist you in your shopping for winter related items, detailing the brands I just couldn't live without during our long NH winters.

1. John Deere - you may recall my new best friend from last year. Keeps the driveways clean.
2. Subaru Forester- It may not be sporty, but it loves the snow.
3. LL Bean - outerwear (coats, hats, boots, gloves) - need I say more?
4. Cuddl Duds - think layers, lots of them, that still allow you to move
5. Eucerin - hand creme for serious dry hands (works on feet too)
6. Teavana - because we all need something warm to drink, and not just in the morning.
7. Kleenex - I really don't have to explain this, do I?
8. Ricola - See #7
9. Polartec - soft, fuzzy fleece with a great story (Malden Mills)
and, last but not least....
10. Southwest Airlines - nonstop service to Orlando. So what if it is only 50 degrees there - that's swimming weather!


hulagirlatheart said...

These are great. I'm happy to report we survived the 1 1/2 inches of snow without running out of bread.

Reva said...

I like your list of necessary winter outer wear and other acessories. Here is Colorado it's almost the same. The layered look generally works best whle in town or close to home because the weather here is infamous for changing up to 50degrees higher or lower within hours. It may be 0 degrees at 6 am and 30-50 by 3pm and then back to 18 degrees by 8pm.
Thanks for commenting on my blog as I'm trying to be more regular in my posting and I am trying to catch up on alot of blogger friends too.

Putz said...

i am a fiend to reva, and decided to follow her aruond to a few blogs like yours and see what is up, i am harmless, really really old so you can trust me

Reva said...

Don't worry about the Putz, he really is harmless although he does have quite a thought provoking site going on his.
I recognized you on my blog but have been working on getting a new laptop going so haven't gotten another one since then. Hope you will hop on over when you get the chance and check the one I posted a few weeks ago.