Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Girl!

Diva has been on a Destination Imagination team since 2nd grade, so yesterday was her 5th competition. For the last three years (since they entered the competitive level) her team has just missed progressing to the state tournament. We've dried our fair share of tears each year as the winners are announced, and twice our team has finished 3rd when only two teams move forward.
This year they picked the most popular challenge, which is both good and bad. Good because with nine teams competing in their division, the top three are moving forward. Bad because the odds weren't quite as good this year as last year with a smaller field.

When two very impressive teams took 4th & 5th place, we were a bit worried. Did we finish out of the top 5? Then came the floor drumroll - and Diva's team once again took 3rd - which this time earned them a trip to the state tournament!

This photo says it all:


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Yea!!!!! Congratulations. Love the photo. She looks so excited.

Reva said...

Uh, Oh, where are you???? Hope you'll be back soon. I haven't been around much lately either but trying to catch up when I can.

Reva said...

Yea!! Go Diva, go. Hope all is exciting at the state level and that her team can focus and enjoy the conpetion and not worry so much about the outcome!