Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ten Years Ago...

Diva hit double digits today.  

If anyone asks me where I was ten years ago, I can recall it in agonizing detail.  Diva was in no hurry to be born and dilly-dallied around for a couple of days.  I can also recall the first meal I had post-childbirth -- I sent Kilowatt out in subzero temperatures for a Dairy Queen Tropical Blizzard.  He didn't dare refuse!

I was a bit late ordering Diva's gifts this year - ordering online Monday afternoon for a Tuesday birthday doesn't work, even if you are willing to pay dearly for expedited shipping.  Especially when one item is on backorder.  I wrapped up catalog pictures of the items this morning -- Diva was not amused.  She said I was 'mean.'  

The only thing saving me from winning the Mommie Dearest award is that we are having a party for her this weekend, and at least one gift should arrive by then.  Plus we're leaving in ten days for a cruise -- how bad a Mom can I be if I'm taking her with me?  

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hulagirlatheart said...

Not bad at all in my book! Can I go too? I'm so over winter.