Monday, March 3, 2008

Where Haven't I Been?

Wow, I can't believe how time flies!  March already.  Since the last time I found a chance to blog, I've accomplished the following:
  1. Piled all the junk from all the rooms of my house into my office to "hide" it.
  2. Hosted Diva's Murder Mystery birthday party (hence #1)
  3. Moved all the piles around in my office so I could get to my desk.
  4.  Shoveled snow in the pouring rain to try and prevent flooding.
  5. Escorted six ten-year old girls up a lift and down a ski slope (again and again).
  6. Flew to Fort Lauderdale minutes before another major snowstorm hit.
  7. Sailed on Grand Princess to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and the Bahamas.
  8. Missed three snowstorms while enjoying #7.
  9. Flew back home from Fort Lauderdale minutes after another major snowstorm ended.
  10. Cleared driveway, sidewalks and cars of 15 inches of new snow.
  11. Found out that the winter of 2007-08 is now #6 in the record books.  
I'll blog more later about some of the above, but just wanted y'all to know what in the heck happened to me!  Got to go shovel more snow now!

1 comment:

hulagirlatheart said...

I'm glad you missed SOME of the snow. Hopefully, your Caribbean fix will tide you over until spring arrives.