Thursday, March 20, 2008


Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is time - or, more precisely, my lack of this precious commodity.  My entire reason for leaving my corporate job was so I would have more time with my family.  

Here I am, almost four years later, wondering if I've accomplished that objective, or failed miserably.  As a work-at-home Mom, I absolutely have more time during which my family and I are physically under the same roof.  But if you are considering a change, and are thinking that working from home will solve all of your time related issues -- think again!  

On the positive side, I don't run into childcare issues when school is cancelled, or delayed, or released early.  That has been a big benefit this year with our record snows.  

Another positive is the ability to work when I want, and to take off when I want.  Midday teacher's meetings and doctor's appointments are no problem!  However, this can also be a negative, as if the to do list isn't shrinking fast enough, working hours may begin and end on different calendar days.  Things like sleep and showering get cut down to shorter and shorter duration.   And people just don't understand how someone who is home 'all the time' could have so much to do.   

I'm a big fan of lists as a way to manage my time, so I thought I'd put out a list of things I'd like to accomplish sometime this century:
~ Complete that 2003 scrapbook I've been working on since 2004.
~ Start a 2008 scrapbook.  I'll fill in 2004-07 some day.
~ Blog at least three times a week so my family & friends know I'm still alive.
~ Clean my office.  This may require a shovel and wheelbarrow, or maybe a match.
~ Clean my house.  Sell stuff that I've owned two years or more and never used yet on E-bay.
~ Take the coats off the treadmill, and use it for its intended purpose.
~ Develop my own website.
~ Write a book.  
~ Learn another language.
~ And of course, spend more time with my family.

Diva is growing up fast, and already shows signs of starting to think Mom isn't as cool as she used to be.  I try to remind myself to take advantage of any time she wants to spend with me now.   And isn't the clock she made (pictured above) lovely?  I just wish I had thought to write the year on it when she made it.  

So, what's on your long term to do list?

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