Saturday, March 8, 2008

Friends In the Strangest Places....

One of the great things about being a NH resident is February school vacation week.  It is always the last week of February, and is when almost the entire state travels somewhere else.  Some go North for skiing.   Not us... we have a family tradition of cruising in February.

It always amazes me when I run into people I know when I'm on vacation.  In 2006, we sailed on Disney Magic.  We're standing in a taxi line in Costa Maya, Mexico.  Kilowatt says - "don't you know that woman ahead of us?"  In our family, I'm in charge of recognizing people and remembering names.  I try to casually look at the woman in question (in case I don't know her) and indeed, she is a former co-worker.  I've never run into her in the state of NH, which is a small state, but go to Mexico and there she is!

This year, here we are at the sailaway party on Grand Princess.  Diva and I are doing the Electric Slide so we can win great prizes, like a pair of pink flip-flops and a jump rope, when I look up to where Kilowatt is diligently filming our antics for our future amusement.  Standing next to him is my former boss, another NH resident I never run into in NH.  

Another time we were at Disney World on a boat heading to the Contemporary Resort.  I kept staring (casually, of course) at this man because I was positive I knew him from somewhere.  You guessed it -- another former co-worker.  

So now I have a new travel game - who will I run into this trip?

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hulagirlatheart said...

We ALWAYS see someone we know on vacation, no matter how far we travel from home. It's weird. Thanks so much for the well wishes over at my blog. It's very sweet of you, and I really appreciate it.