Sunday, March 1, 2009

Local Theatre

My Mother visited us this week to help watch Diva while I attended classes, given that it was NH school vacation week.  Our kids get the last week of February and the last week of April off as vacations every year.  That's part of the reason why they go to school until the end of June.  The other part of that reason (snow) will probably be tomorrow's post topic!

Last night we decided to head into the city (Manchester) to catch a play at the Palace Theatre.  The Palace is a 92 year old theatre, so it is a beautiful old building.  Our proximity to Boston and NYC gives us access to excellent productions.  Last night we saw Little Shop of Horrors.  None of us had seen or heard much about this, but I was assured there was nothing worse than PG-13 in it.  I have to concur - it was more PG than PG-13.  

Diva attends camps at the Palace, so we typically know at least one of the performers.  For this performance we knew both of the leads - the female lead is the director of the youth program, and the male lead was Diva's drama coach last spring.  They were both quite impressive in this performance.  

In a unique twist, the actresses who played Ronette and Chiffon were familiar faces too, they played in Hercules -the Muse-ical on the Disney Wonder when we sailed in 2005 and 2006.  

Diva is ready to go again.  Of course, she also wants to take ice skating lessons twice a week, go to Destination Imagination nationals, and make straight A's in school.  She's going to be one busy girl!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Sounds like fun! I would love to be that close to so much theater. That was my minor in college, believe it or not.