Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy Cat People

The foster kittens are 8 weeks old today, which means it is time to return them to the shelter so they can find forever homes. This is the fourth litter I've fostered (the first for Diva and Kilowatt) and I have to confess I'm more attached to these than my prior fosters. Maybe it is because Diva and Kilowatt are so attached. At any rate, it looks like two of these kittens are finding a forever home right here with us. If the rest of my family had their way, it would be all five plus Mama Cat.

Anyway, as though providing foster care for cats doesn't prove we are crazy cat people - I think these photos will show evidence of our insanity. About two weeks ago, the kittens outgrew the upstairs bathroom, so it was time to find larger quarters. Although the basement seemed ideal, it had a couple of strikes against it. First, our adult cats are accustomed to their litter boxes being in the basement, and have shown that they won't take kindly to a move. Second, it is dark and damp down there and that might make the kittens sad. So instead, we split our main floor in two parts.

First, a baby gate is in order - but requires some modification as the kittens can climb over it...
Next, we must make sure they won't fall between the posts on the stairs, should they get to that part of the house - amazing what Kilowatt can do with cardboard and cable ties:
Then we had to block the other, odd-sized entrance to the dining area (yep, the kittens ended up on the kitchen/dining room side of the house). After considering a few DIY options, we decided that extra sheetrock and our rolling wine rack made an excellent 'door.'

By now, if you aren't rolling your eyes, it is because you are animal lovers and understand what drives us to go to these extremes. And if you are rolling your eyes, I submit this picture to help you understand:

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J.G. said...

Your set-up looks perfectly normal to me. Of course, I'm the one who installed a ventilated storm door indoors to accommodate an inadequate heating system and a cat who didn't get along with the other cats . . .