Thursday, August 20, 2009

Device of torture

About two years ago our dentist informed us that Diva had a bite problem - meaning she would eventually need braces. Eventually arrived this year.

After taking out a second mortgage on the house and selling everything we own (just kidding, but if we didn't have good insurance yikes!) the orthodontist proceeded to install one of the lovely contraptions - a Herbst Appliance - pictured here:

It started with just the stuff you see under the heavy bar. After that was installed, we had about five days of tears and complaints, and then all was well. I was so happy that it seemed Diva would have no problem with wearing braces.

Oh, but I was a bit premature in my happiness. Last Friday, the final part of the instrument of torture was installed. You know those things that hold up the hatchback in a car? This thing (the solid bar) looks eerily similar to those, just on a slightly smaller scale. Apparently it feels like having one of those in your mouth too. And according to Diva, like the hatchback ran over all your teeth.

I've purchased every possible pain remedy; none have worked. My sweet little girl now wakes me every morning with a growl, a slamming door, and 'this is all your fault.' Her diet consists of milkshakes and pancakes, with an occasional serving of white rice.

I've called the orthodontist several times to ask for advice and encouragement. I'm supposed to convince her to keep this thing on another week, and then all will be better. The alternative is headgear, and believe me I don't see my little angel wearing that for two years!

Oh well, it's off to make a milkshake!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Ug. We went through braces but nothing like that. I can only imagine. That looks absolutely miserable.

And now I'm really excited about that dental appoinment I have later today. Ha.