Monday, May 12, 2008

The Greatest Mother's Day Ever

I'll admit it - I take shameless advantage of Mother's Day.  Anything I buy in the four weeks preceding Mom's big day is a "Mother's Day Gift."  I usually manage to score a couple of dinners out as gifts.  And girlfriend time too!

This year we are still reeling from the price of heating oil.  Plus the 'maintenance monster' has struck, over and over again.  So holidays this year will be a bit more subdued than usual.  And let's be honest, I really don't NEED anything.  

Diva's art class did some really neat drawings, and a company makes them into more practical items.  The Grandmother's got pot holders.  I ordered myself a set of coasters:

Sunday morning, Diva keeps telling me to stay in bed.  Kilowatt asks what I'd
 like for breakfast.  Ahhhhh... Mother's Day.  Diva eventually comes up to get me.  She has made a lovely card all by herself - not bad for a ten year old, huh?  A little bling too:)

I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and the chance to read the entire Sunday paper.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in NH, so Kilowatt washed and cleaned my car (now that's a present I NEEDED!)  He even shampooed my floor mats!

Diva locked me in my office to prepare her big surprise for me.  When I was led out (eyes closed Mom), imagine my surprise to see the lovely day spa she had set up in our living room.  She had brought out a bottle of wine and a wineglass (there's probably a law against that, but don't worry, she doesn't know how to work a corkscrew so it was safely closed!)  And set up a lovely 'massage couch' for me.  

After a lovely hand and foot massage, and spa snacks, I was greeted by the "complimentary cat" that goes with the spa.  As I relaxed and enjoyed the moment, I heard the sound of cutting coming from the kitchen.  I was torn between the desire to run in and supervise (no trips to the ER were in my plans) and the desire to let my little girl prove she could do it alone.  Knowing Diva is a practical kid, I decided to take my chances.  

In came the combination eye treatment & snack - sliced cucumbers.   Lucky these can be cut with a butter knife!  

Gourmet breakfast, a luxury spa day, and a complete detailing of the limo -- who could ask for anything more?

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hulagirlatheart said...

What a thoughtful and well planned gift! She'll make a fine mom one day.