Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Monday - Wordly Wise

The ladies over at Mothers of Brothers, or MoB (I love that acronym) have challenged us to "use our words" this week.  Their instructions:

Words are our building blocks, our stepping stones, and, for many of us, our salvation. We string them together so quickly at times, we often lose sight of how precious they are. So tell us about your favorite word… or if you can’t pick just one, tell us about a few. Are there certain words that feel good the way they roll of your tongue? Do some words make you feel smart? Or silly? Or happy? Which words do you find yourself selecting to put in your posts? Since this response could be a short one, feel free to poll your family and friends and include some of their favorite words as well. If you think a definition is required, please share one. Please keep the words rated G for all audiences. Any language is acceptable, but please provide a translation. And stick to real words as opposed to ones made up along the way. We then challenge everyone to visit the posts on Monday and try to use other bloggers’ favorite words in your blog next week. We can’t wait to expand our vocabulary!

Hypermiling - I predict this will be THE word for 2008.  The hyperlink will take you to a site all about it if you haven't already heard this term.  Since I drive an FSP (fuel sucking pig) I've been trying to follow as many of the tips as possible.  Boy do people hate to drive behind me now:)  

Imagine - I just hear this word and my mind starts off on wild explorations.  It's my happy word.

Interjection - If like me you grew up with SchoolHouse Rock, I probably don't need to say anything more about this one!  I start singing every time I hear it. 

Sesquipedalian - given to using long words; a word of many syllables.  
I use this one on my students when they start trying to BS (pardon my acronymic swear - is acronymic a word?) their way through my class with big words.  Unfortunately (for them) they typically use those big words totally out of context.  


amanda said...

Haha - Sesquipedalian - given to using long words - that is just so appropriate, no? :)

Gattina said...

I think I have to ask the softwear translator for sesquipedalian, just to see what it says and laugh the whole day ! This word itself is sesquipedalian, says my german dictionary, lol !

Pamela said...

I AM so going to be dropping Sesquipedalian around the house for awhile.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

I did that to my teacher a few times too. It didn't take long for me to realize she had totally caught on. lol

Great words! :)

Sauntering Soul said...

I had never heard the word sesquipedalian before. But I've worked for a few attorneys over the years that it would certainly apply to!

Tiggerlane said...

I thought "hypermiling" was like drafting...which I used to do a LOT! I feel more educated today!

Robocop said...

I was thinking of Schoolhouse Rock as soon as I saw the word interjection.

Molly said...

Oh no, after 40 some years, I have been discovered. I always liked to include big words in my research papers to show my pseudo-brillance.

Faye said...

Okay cruise mom, I now have a new word--hypermiling. Don't have to worry so much about this because I drive a Scion xB, or bread truck. The phrase fuel sucking pig? Why haven't I ever heard this?

Cruise Mom said...

Amanda - that's one reason I love it.

Gattina - LOL - thanks for the German translation!

Pamela - love the way it rolls off the tongue

Irish - It works, but only if you use the words in the right context;)

Sauntering Soul - attorneys and sesquipedalian go so well together.

Tiggerlane - what is drafting?

Robocop - can you get that song out of your head now?

Molly - I won't tell anyone!

Faye - I can't take credit for the FSP phrase, I read it in an article on hypermiling. I console myself by the fact that I only drive about 300 miles a month - so one fill-up per month!

Anonymous said...

imagine, there was a time I used that word a lot

Sayre said...

Oooo! I love that sesquipedalian! I would love to see the look on your students' faces when you pull that one out of your hat!