Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

I have several friends who live in areas that are likely to be hit by this monster storm.  If you are interested in thoughts on this storm (and Katrina) from someone who lives right in the midst of the storm, check out my friend Chuck's website MacChuck, and his blog.

LA and MS have already been devastated by Katrina.  Even as I selfishly hope this doesn't do too much to raise oil prices, I urge everyone to remember those who live in these areas in your prayers, and hope that lessons were learned from Katrina that can be implemented now to save lives and property.

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Reva said...

I also hope the line up of hurricanes don't do much if any damage to land and homes.
Katrina was horrible, but there have been other hurricanes that did great harm and none of them have received near the attention or relief that Katrina did.
I felt sorry for those that lost everything but I wonder at the wisdom of rebuilding there right back in the same flooded areas. They have already shown that the wall, even though rebuilt higher, isn't high enough for another Katrina storm.