Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation & Home Improvements

I love to travel, but looks like we won't be going for any big trips anytime soon.  We finally got tired of gluing patches onto our 25+ year old pool liner.  Plus this summer started out with a heat wave - two weeks of 90 degree temps.  With no plans for a true summer vacation it looked to be the perfect summer for a little vacation at home.  


Isn't that just the prettiest pool liner you have ever seen?  I'm warning you, say yes, because not only is that my vacation money in that hole in the ground, but it has also been COLDER and WETTER than average ever since we got that thing put in.  We've been in the pool about five of the last 30 days since we put the new liner in.  

Yes, those guys who tormented us this winter by telling us about the record snowfall (I believe we finished the year in 4th place for total recorded snowfall) have now shared the fact that we are in 7th place for wettest summer - and we've still got 17 more days to move up that list.

So I guess I'll go pump some more water OUT of my pool, and contemplate how nice a WARM weather vacation would be! 


hulagirlatheart said...

Well, it LOOKS great. Don't feel bad. We forked over our vacation money to the IRS this year. That first year of retirement is heck on your taxes. :(

hulagirlatheart said...

Hey, you don't happen to have plans to visit your mom during Labor Day weekend, do you? G. Riley is coming into town, and we're trying to get a few Franklin folks together for dinner. Email me at, please.