Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clear as the nose on your face.....

So here it is, a month after Christmas.  You may recall that just last Monday I confessed to finally putting all the boxes of decorations away.  

I've often accused Diva (and Kilowatt) of selective hearing.  You know, missing those subtle sentences, usually the ones starting with the words "will you..."   Well, it appears I have selective vision.  Because after declaring the Christmas decorations down and put away, I stumbled across this:

I could think of some creative excuses, like we don't come into this part of the house often (lie: it is the kitchen/dining window - the one we look out the most often.)  

But truth is, only as I was staring out this window at the birds munching down while it snowed (which is something I do pretty much daily) did I realize that the little gel thingys on the window that I was playing with were decorations that shouldn't be there now.  

Guess that's a good reminder it is time for my annual eye exam.  I wonder if they make glasses for selective vision? ;)

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dkuroiwa said...

Last year, I forgot to take down one pretty big decoration from the back of the door going into the kitchen...I saw it everyday, but it never occured to me to actually take it down. This year, after the holidays, I did take it down and all the men in my family (and a few friends!) actually wondered where it was!
I love Christmas and the winter holiday so I say--leave 'em up. They are very nice!!