Friday, January 16, 2009

It's All About Me

My friend and blogging idol - Hulagirl - has helped me come up with something to blog about, as my mind is a frozen mush here in the arctic tundra that goes by the name of NH.   She has been  kind enough to interview me, asking my opinion on several topics of critical importance.  

BTW, it was -15 this morning when I took Diva to school.  So for my interview I'm wearing a turtleneck, covered by a sweatshirt, topped off with a fleece overlayer.  Oh yes, must not forget the flannel-lined jeans and wool socks.  And this is indoors, you should see me when I venture out.  Oops, that's right, you can't see me when I'm outside, I'm just a very rounded blob of clothing with Sorrel snow boots and tiny eyeballs barely visible between the neck gaiter and wool hat.  

Anyway, back to the interview:

1. When you take a week long vacation how many pairs of shoes do you take (just for you) and what kind are they?

Well dear reader(s), I must confess that I'm not a shoe person.  I think this comes from wearing a size 11, which basically means I go into a store and ask what they have in my size, and if they have something, that's what I buy.  And when you are close to 6 feet tall high heels just don't make sense.  Shoes in this size aren't cute or fun, they are just functional.  So I typically take 3 pairs - black sensible dress shoes (goes with everything), sneakers (in case I actually do decide to exercise someday, and Tevas (for my beach wanderings.) 

2. In Sartre’s play No Exit the three main characters are stuck in a room with no exit and don’t like each other. They eventually realize that hell is being stuck with each other forever. What person or persons would be hell for you to be stuck with in a room forever? If you don’t want to name names, just speak in generalities ie..the girl who relentlessly picked on you in third grade.

Yikes!  I don't even like to think about this one - it's too scary!  There are a couple of personality traits that drive me bonkers, so let's go with those:

1 - people who can't stop talking.  A little conversation is a good thing, but there comes a time when we all need the wonderful sound of silence.  I could probably list at least a dozen people I know who fall into this category.  You know, the ones who when they call you on the phone force you to lie and say - "gotta go, someone is at the door."

2- Extremists - yes, people who hold extreme views drive me absolutely crazy.  In all but a few very extreme situations (like murder) I can usually at least understand both sides of an argument.  I'm a very moderate person and I don't believe I have the answers to everything (but I do know a lot of the questions.)  I seem to bump into many people who think their point of view is the only valid one, and they have the right answer to everything.  Especially in politics.  

3. In honor of the inauguration: If you could ask any US President, living or dead, one question and he would have to answer it HONESTLY, which President would you pick, and what question would you ask?

This wanders into the political arena, which I usually try to avoid because it seems to bring out the worst in almost everyone.  But having a political figure forced to be HONEST is really an interesting concept.  I'd probably have to ask George W Bush "who convinced you that there were WMD's in Iraq, and how strong was your belief in what they said?"  Does that count as two questions?  

4. Our local newspaper does a weekly thing where they stop someone on the street, ask what the top ten songs are their iPod are and print them. What song in your entire music collection would you be most embarrassed to see in print next to your name?

So I'm not supposed to be embarrassed to see it in print on the relative anonymity of my blog, huh?  Okay, most of the embarrassing songs on my iPod are embarrassing because they are kid songs, or pop candy type stuff.  But there is one in particular that is embarrassing enough I can't even print the whole title: 
Jimmy Buffet - Why Don't We Get Drunk and S*&^%  (I just put the whole CD on my iPod, and this song was on it, really:)

5. Are you a “hat person”? If so, describe your hat or hats. If not, explain why.

I love hats!  I don't wear mine often, but I do have an impressive collection.  One of my favorites is this cowgirl hat, worn back in the days when line dancing was my favorite activity.  Another is my much loved black cashmere fashion hat that I got in Germany (there's a good story behind the hat, maybe a future blog topic.)  The photo is of me in younger days, on top of a mountain in Switzerland.   

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hulagirlatheart said...

Love the chasmere hat! I would totally wear that. Flannel jeans?? It IS cold in your neck of the woods. Thanks for playing along.