Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am an Ice Princess!

Under the heading "it is never too late to enjoy a happy childhood," today I started ice skating lessons. So did Diva. If it weren't for the rink's policy of separating adults and children, we would be in the same class -- beginner level 1.

I'll admit it - Diva was less than enthused about the idea of ice skating - she wanted to take skiing lessons again this year. But as my weight and age both keep climbing in proportion to each other, skiing is getting a bit tough on the body. Last year I didn't really enjoy skiing as much because I kept thinking of all my friends who have had knee surgery as a result of skiing injuries. I've always dreamed of gliding across the ice, spinning gracefully around, maybe landing a jump... Then again, I've also dreamed of skating well enough to not break any bones, which seems a reasonable goal.

I was a avid roller skater back in my younger years. That song about 19-80 Something "skating rinks and black TransAms" I can totally relate to. Of course, growing up in Southern IL there weren't a lot of ice skating rinks, it was all roller skates. I tried ice skating a couple of times, and found blades much more difficult to control than wheels.

Today I learned to stop (for some reason they consider this a critical part of the first lesson), Go, turn around, and go backwards. I also learned how to fall correctly (I'm hoping I won't need to use this knowledge) and how to get back up. Diva learned the same things. Thankfully she is now enthused about ice skating too. Its cheaper than skiing, and closer to home too!

Once I start gliding gracefully I'll have Kilowatt take pictures!  

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